Coaches List


AD Cliff Elgin
Asst. AD Bill Zegowitz
Asst. AD Josh Molnar


Varsity Cheer Lindsay Burns
Laura Nichols
JV Cheer Kelli Gonchar
Cross Country Jason Bozicevich
Varsity Field Hockey Brooke Steinhoff
JV Field Hockey Hilary Blake
Varsity Football Eric Wallich
JV Football Jason Sprankle
Golf Kyle Foreman
Poms Karen Nugent
Poms Melissa Nugent
Boys’ Varsity Soccer Andre’ Wise
Boys’ JV Soccer Alex Hall
Girls’ Varsity Soccer Dave Kovack
Girls’ JV Soccer Ken Diehl
Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Becky Ronquillo
Girls’ JV Volleyball Taryn Dennison-McCabe



Boys’ Varsity Basketball Brian Humphrey
Boys’ JV Basketball Darrell Johnson
Girls’ Varsity Basketball Scott Marko
Girls’ JV Basketball Becky Barrett
Bocce TBD
Cheerleading Lindsay Burns


Cheerleading Laura Nichols
Poms Karen Nugent
Poms Melissa Nugent
Coed Swim and Dive Kevin Beabout
Indoor Track Jason Boziecevich
Varsity Wrestling John Furgeson
JV Wrestling Ed Irons


Allied Softball TBD
Varsity Baseball Greg Blake
Scott Frye
JV Baseball Josh Molnar
Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse Kyle Tielking
Boys’ JV Lacrosse Mark Monninger
Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse TBD
Girls’ JV Lacrosse Leigh Gatons
Varsity Softball Lindsay Burns
JV Softball Lindsay Seals
Boys’ Tennis John Bonfils
Girls’ Tennis Michael Samuels
Track and Field Elrid Cason
Boys’ Volleyball Becky Ronquillo
Coed Volleyball Taryn Dennison-McCabe